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For Your Growing Family

Water Birth


Our birth doulas are passionate about families having the birth they desire and deserve. We teach you how to advocate for your needs and stand by your side to help you when it's time to speak up for yourself! We include everyone on the birth team, and fully anticipate dad's participation in helping mom through pregnancy and childbirth. 

Baby's Grasp


Our postpartum doulas really love to "mother the mother". We help the growing family be gently guided into their new roles, rather that is Mom, Dad, brother or sister. We love on the entire family and aim to make this transition easier and enjoyable. We have a variety of skills we bring into the home and will create a specific plan tailored to your family, so we can serve you best!



We have some doulas that are skilled in placenta encapsulation. Some benefits of this are increased milk supply, reduced anxiety or depression, replenishes iron levels, and increased energy.

Massage Therapy.jpeg

massage therapy, 
Acupuncture and Chiropractic care

We are teaming up with a local acupuncturist, massage therapist and chiropractor. We can work in details into any package that you choose.

A nursing.jpeg


Our team strongly desires for all moms to be able to breastfeed if they desire to. We understand the struggle with nursing and the terrible things that can be said to discourage moms. We want to encourage your desires for breastfeeding and help you learn! We all are educated in lactation, but we do have a couple of certified lactation consultants that can help you in your journey too!


Childbirth Courses

Our team offers three different childbirth education classes. Katrina does a hospital based course that goes into depth on how to advocate for yourself and what your rights are in a hospital birthing environment, as well as stages of labor. Erin teaches Lamaze and Hypnobirthing!

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